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How out-of-pocket costs tried to steal the holidays

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'Tis the season to celebrate the power of the HSA to stretch dollars further and put money in pockets. Enjoy this lighthearted poem penned by a clever purple elf. 




How out-of-pocket costs STOLE The holidays

Every Health Saver

Down in Purpleville

Liked the holidays a lot…


But Out-of-Pocket Costs

Who lived just north of Purpleville



Out-of-Pocket Costs hated the holidays! The whole holiday time!

The reasons aren’t clear, and they’re hard to make rhyme

It could be that Out-of-Pocket Costs just didn’t like presents

It could be, maybe, perhaps, that he liked convalescence

But I think that it’s just deep in his core

Out-of-pocket Costs liked making the Health Savers poor


So Out-of-Pocket Costs put together a plan

An awful, terrible trashcan sort of plan.

“I know just what I’ll do!” he said, slimy and snakey,

I’ll make all the Health Savers in Purpleville achy.

I’ll sprain their ankles, and scuff up their knees,

Make them sneeze and wheeze — full of disease!!”


So Out-of-Pocket Costs did his mean, frightful trick

And Health Savers in Purpleville began to get sick

One by one they went to the doctor for help

Some were in pain, some let out a yelp!


“Now they’ll spend all their money!” Out-of-Pocket Costs did sneer,

“They’ll be totally broke! No gifts or toys to exchange this year!”


Then, Out-of-Pocket Costs went up to his tower

Waited day after day, hour after hour

He waited for bankruptcy, waited for them to cower

For Health Savers to spend their very last dollar


But it never happened, it never passed

Instead, he saw something that made him aghast

The Health Savers in Purpleville had an HSA!

A Health Savings Account they could use to pay

For any illness or sickness that would come their way


And the Health Savers in Purpleville used their safety net

To keep the Holidays going—they never had to fret

Out-of-Pocket Costs got conquered, a victory rather stealth

Their HealthEquity HSA had connected health and wealth


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