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New edition of The Complete HSA Guidebook is here


When facing unexpected or expensive health events, it would be nice to have tools and a set of instructionsLuckily, the tools—health savings accounts—are widely available now. And Dr. Steve Neeleman literally wrote the book on how to use the accounts to help people manage their healthcare. For years, Americans have relied on the concrete examples and clear explanations found in Neeleman’s HSA guidebook. Now readers can get fresh insights and strategies in the newly updated resource, 15th edition of The Complete HSA Guidebook: How to make Health Savings Accounts work for youGet your free copy today. 


Comprehensive HSA insights 

It’s rare to find a how-to book that speaks to a broad audience. The Complete HSA Guidebook provides both employers and individuals with step-by-step HSA descriptions. Neeleman first published the guide in 2004 with key contributions from Hazel Witte, J.D., and the late Sophie Korczyk, Ph.D. To keep pace with the rapidly changing healthcare landscape, the updated edition includes new sections presented in an easy-to-read, sequential format.  

Readers can now quickly find the material most relevant to their specific situation. Reorganized chapters flow from the basics to more advanced information. Plus, new chapter introductions and end-of-chapter summaries share quick, on-the-go information. Perhaps most exciting to students of the HSA, the updated guide describes over 30 tangible, story-like examples of how HSAs help Americans save on healthcare. It’s easy to browse the guide and return to it as often as needed.  

Growing HSA popularity 

The latest edition arrives as the number of HSAs continues to grow, with over 30 million accounts and $82.2 billion in assets, according to the 2020 Year-End Devenir HSA Research Report. By the end of 2023, Devenir projects 36 million HSAs with over $127 billion in assets.  

“Building health savings is more important than ever. During a time of heightened concern with the health of our families, communities, and nation, HSAs are a crucial tool to ensuring everyone can access the care they need,” Neeleman said. “I am pleased to be able to offer the latest edition of The Complete HSA Guidebook as an easy-to-use resource for both employers and individuals in understanding and using this important savings tool.” 

At the end of the day, healthcare in America may remain complex, but Neeleman’s guide simplifies the process of managing healthcare costs.  


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