5 open enrollment best practices for a flawless employee benefits season

HSA, Benefit planning, Employers, FSA, HSA spending, Open Enrollment, health savings, Lifestyle Spending Account

The end of summer nudges fall a little closer, which means one thing to benefits professionals: here comes open enrollment season. Yes, sometimes the annual open enrollment benefits period can mean packing a lot of work into a...

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Top 10 ways HSAs and FSAs support reproductive health and family planning

HSA, FSA, HSA spending, health savings, Family Planning, Reproductive Care

NOTE: This post was published on July 27, 2022. For additional information on the Dobbs decision and how people can use pre-tax benefits for reproductive healthcare and family planning, read our previous post. 



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10 ways to use your HSA this year

HSA, HSA spending, health savings

January may be winding down but your health and finance goals may still be top of mind. Even if you didn’t set resolutions, you can still make sure you’re ready for the year by planning ahead with your health savings account...

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New edition of The Complete HSA Guidebook is here

HSA, HSA spending, health savings, HSA Guidebook

When facing unexpected or expensive health events, it would be nice to have tools and a set of instructionsLuckily, the tools—health savings accounts—are widely available now. And Dr. Steve Neeleman literally wrote the book on...

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Ebook: The truth about HSAs

HSA, HSA contribution limit, tax savings, HSA questions, HSA spending, health savings

All month long you can look forward to informative and insightful resources in support of HSA Education Month. Last week we debunked 10 common HSA myths. Nowas part of efforts to support HSA education in September, you can get...

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Debunking 10 common HSA myths

HSA, HSA contribution limit, tax savings, HSA questions, HSA spending, health savings

These days, the health savings account (HSA) is almost a household name. Created in 2003, more than 30 million accounts have been opened in the past 18 years.1 But just because the HSA is common doesn’t mean it’s well-understood....

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CARES Act - A big win for women's health and menstrual care

HSA, HSA spending

Hidden inside the 800+ pages of the recent Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act (the “CARES Act”) is language that can help millions of individuals experiencing menstruation across the U.S.

Menstrual products —...

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CARES Act - Buying over-the-counter medicine with an HSA just got easier

HSA, tax savings, HSA questions, HSA spending


The recent Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act (the “CARES Act”) signed into law includes a key provision that can benefit everyone with a health savings account (HSA) or other health accounts.*

Those with an HSA...

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CARES Act - Seeing the doctor without going to the doctor

HSA, HSA questions, HSA spending

Congress recently passed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act (the “CARES Act”), a $2 trillion stimulus bill to aid the recovery from COVID-19. Included in the bill is language that created a temporary...

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HSAs and last-minute 2019 tax deductions

HSA, tax savings, HSA questions, HSA spending

Note: When this blog article was originally posted, April 15, 2020 was the tax filing deadline for 2019 tax year. With the impacts being felt by COVID-19, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has extended the tax filing deadline...

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