COVID-19 outbreak period deadline relief continues

HSA benefits, cobra, COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve. Recently, we informed you about updated guidelines for coverage of OTC COVID-19 tests. Around that same time period, President Biden again determined in a letter to Congress that it is...

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New guidance: No double dipping for OTC COVID-19 tests

FSA, HSA benefits, hra, COVID-19

As the nation responds to the ongoing COVID-19 public health emergency, the benefits world continues to adapt. Recently, the Biden administration required insurance companies and health plans to cover the cost of at-home or...

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Keep pace with the latest enhancements

Open Enrollment, HSA benefits, qualified medical expenses

When you’re busy it can be challenging to stay up-to-date with the typical news cycle, not to mention the rapidly evolving benefits world. That’s why we added a What’s New page so you can quickly scan new products and features...

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Did the pandemic boost the case for HSAs?

Employers, HSA benefits, employees, COVID-19

This is the second in a two-part series with strategic insights on the Great Resignation and what matters most to employees. During the spring of 2021 HealthEquity surveyed over one thousand full-time employees across the U.S....

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How to retain and attract talent during the Great Resignation

Employers, HSA benefits, employees, COVID-19

Employers—when it comes to attracting talent are you feeling the pressure of today’s marketplace? It’s not your imagination. Employee resignations and job openings are at levels not seen for more than 20 years. How do you...

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2021 HSA contribution limits

HSA, tax savings, HSA contributions, HSA benefits

Your health savings account (HSA) packs more punch than ever.

The IRS announced higher HSA limits for the 2021 tax year, which means opportunity to save even more. 

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The CARES Act just made your HSA more powerful

HSA, tax savings, HSA benefits, CARES Act, Coronavirus

The $2 trillion Coronavirus stimulus bill, called the CARES Act, is making headlines as the largest rescue package in American history. It also includes several provisions that will make a major impact on those with health...

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3 ways employers can save with a health savings account

HSA, tax savings, HSA contributions, HSA benefits

Health savings accounts (HSAs) provide many benefits to employees and can be a great way for them to save money on taxes1 and save for the future. However, you as an employer can also benefit from HSAs, and the savings can really...

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Preparing for retirement? An HSA can help

HSA, tax savings, retirement, HSA contributions, HSA benefits

Whether you are a baby boomer nearing retirement, a Generation X’er in the middle of your career or a millennial just starting out, you have at least one thing in common with your co-workers:

You need to prepare for retirement.


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Millions of Americans could benefit from newly introduced legislation: #MedicareHSA

HSA, tax savings, retirement, HSA contributions, HSA benefits, high deductible health plan, Medicare

A bi-partisan effort in Congress is underway that would allow Medicare recipients to open and contribute to a health savings account (HSA).

H.R.3796, the Health Savings for Seniors Act, would allow more than 57 million Americans...

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