How the State of Georgia delivers a personalized benefits experience to more than 150K members

Legislation, Benefit planning, Employers, FSA

In today’s business world, everything is counted—down to the smallest metrics. But it’s also important to know what counts. Often, that comes down to people and relationships. That’s why HealthEquity holds an annual Key Client...

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Open enrollment: 3 popular resources to help you engage your people

HSA, Benefit planning, Employers, Open Enrollment

It’s September, which means it’s annual enrollment season—and what we refer to as HSA Education Month. Because HSAs can be complex, it’s important to have access to tools, hacks, tips and tricks to help you plan for a productive...

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Ready to return to the office? 3 simple ways to prepare

Benefit planning, Employers

If there’s anything 2020 taught us, it’s that our health should be a top priorityin and out of the office. From stress management to handling uncertainty, how can you help people feel supported in their wellness journeys as they...

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Return to office: 3 tips to make commuting easier for employees

Benefit planning, employees, Commuter

Now that most of us are teetering toward a slightly more normal lifestyle, many workplaces are gearing up to bring employees back to the office. And it looks like it will be soon: seventy-five percent of executives surveyed...

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5 tips for a successful remote open enrollment

Benefit planning, Open Enrollment

The 2021 open enrollment season has brought a unique set of challenges.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a national health crisis, triggered a global economic downturn and created an environment in which thousands of benefits...

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Benefits cost pressures are rising – here's how you can handle it

HSA, Benefit planning, health savings

Economic pressures from COVID-19 have made managing benefits costs a greater challenge than ever before. Fortunately, there's a lot employers can do to help their organizations build resistance to cost increases.

In this post:

  • ...
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Help your employees build health savings – here’s how

HSA, Benefit planning, health savings

Robust health savings are more important than ever, but most employees aren’t meeting basic benchmarks. Employers can – and should consider – playing a role in correcting this.

In this post:

  • Americans have less than $3,000 saved...
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Healthcare is one of your greatest expenses: How you can actually save money on it

HSA, Benefit planning, Employers

As a business leader you are constantly looking for a competitive advantage wherever you can. Through improved efficiency or cost savings, the opportunities to get an edge over the competition are abundant for those who know...

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Why CDHPs work for all generations

HSA, Benefit planning, Employers, CDHP

A consumer-directed health plan (CDHP) is one of the best ways for your employees, no matter their age, to not only become more aware about healthcare decisions they have to make, but also to save money for those medical expenses.

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3 vital differentiators when evaluating an HSA provider

HSA, Benefit planning, Cost management, Employers, HSA fees

Let’s face it, shopping for a health savings account (HSA) provider is an overwhelming process. Most providers can cover the basics and deliver HSAs that may check all your boxes but act more like a supercharged flexible spending...

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