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A salute to veterans


As November 11 approaches, we thank all veterans, members of the military, and their families, and we especially celebrate our 45 HealthEquity teammates for their military service and sacrifice.


Veterans Day recognition 

Stephanie Larsen, Senior Manager of Benefits, has led a team to plan Veterans Day recognition efforts at HealthEquity over the past few years. As a daughter of a Navy veteran, Larsen knows the sacrifices made by veterans and their families—one of the reasons why she strives to make sure past and present HealthEquity servicemembers know that they are appreciated through special recognition for their service to our country. Here's just a few of our teammates we are recognizing this year.


Inspiring teammates 

Kimberly Walker, Member Services Supervisor, expressed gratitude for not just the lifelong friends gained through military service, but also the resiliency she gained that she applies in her daily responsibilities.


Jose Rivera, Customer Service Operations Manager and a new addition to HealthEquity from the Further team, found camaraderie among fellow veterans. He met people from all over the U.S. in short amounts of time while learning to care for each as they quickly transformed from strangers to family.

Rivera cited discipline as a trait that has shaped both his career and life.

“The military taught me to attack obstacles and duties that you may not necessarily enjoy doing, but to do it right the first time,” Rivera said. “This way, you can move on to the next duty.”

Similarly, Duane Lakose, Member Services Manager, cited leadership as a key skill acquired through military service, having overseen other soldiers while providing direction in their military careers.


“It is an honor, I must say, to still stay active in military functions throughout the year,” Lakose added.

Just as we enthusiastically support our military veterans, they are grateful to receive recognition and appreciation on a special day. ​​​​​​​

Justin Keck, Senior Security Engineer, is excited to support the veterans that served before him.


“It feels great personally, as I am very patriotic,” Keck said. “I love thanking those veterans that went before me and remember the sacrifices they gave to this great country.


Remembering with gratitude 

As we thank the many veterans at HealthEquity for their military service, we hope our readers take the time to reflect, recognize and remember the sacrifices and service of all who have served in the United States Armed Forces. Happy Veterans Day.


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