Making HSA-qualified health plans work for low-income employees

HSA policy, HSA, tax savings, HSA questions

For some people, the costs of healthcare are manageable at their present income level.  However, for a growing number of individuals in the U.S., the cost of healthcare has become overwhelming and utterly unaffordable. For...

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The HSA Raven

HSA, Employers, tax savings, HSA contributions, Open Enrollment

Once upon a noon day napping, with my co-workers making a constant yapping,

Over oft-discussed matters of weather and how their team played the night before —

While I drifted, not quite sleeping, suddenly there came a knocking,

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3 vital differentiators when evaluating an HSA provider

HSA, Benefit planning, Cost management, Employers, HSA fees

Let’s face it, shopping for a health savings account (HSA) provider is an overwhelming process. Most providers can cover the basics and deliver HSAs that may check all your boxes but act more like a supercharged flexible...

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Why employees leave and how to keep them using a health and wealth strategy

HSA, Employers, tax savings, retirement, 401(k), HSA contributions

Since the inception of the employer-employee relationship there has been employee turnover. Every employer knows that turnover is inevitable and have factored in the costs into the price of doing business.

One way to lengthen...

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Often overlooked tax benefits of HSAs for employers

HSA policy, HSA, Employers, tax savings, HSA questions

As an employer, you are likely looking for ways to save healthcare costs without hurting the overall morale of your employees. One option to explore is offering high deductible health plans to reduce your rising premium costs.

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The best-kept HSA secret

HSA policy, HSA, tax savings, HSA questions

One of the greatest advantages of a health savings account (HSA) may also be one of the least well-known. The triple-tax advantages of HSAs, as well as the fact that HSA balances roll over each year are great, but did you...

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7 tips for a more effective HSA

HSA, HSA contribution limit, tax savings, HSA questions, HSA contributions

Health savings accounts (HSAs) are one of the most effective options to save money for healthcare expenses and retirement, but many accountholders don’t take advantage of all the benefits. Some of your employees may already...

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The 3 tax advantages of HSAs

HSA, HSA contribution limit, tax savings, HSA questions, HSA contributions


Health savings accounts (HSAs) are one of the most tax-advantaged1 accounts that the IRS recognizes. Other retirement accounts are taxed at some point — whether that’s when the funds go into the account or when the funds are...

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3 ways to make your HSA and 401(k) work together

HSA, HSA questions, 401(k)

If your employees are like most other workers in the U.S., it is highly likely that they are not saving enough for retirement. In fact, studies show that among all generational groups, many people will need to work much longer...

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Three things you should know about HSAs - Part 3: Spending your HSA funds

HSA, HSA questions, HSA fees, HSA spending

Note: This is the last of a 3-part series of blog posts. Previous blog posts in the series discussed contributing to an HSA and growing HSA funds.

In a report last year, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services said...

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