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The 10 most popular blog posts of 2022

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Before turning the calendar page from December to January, let’s take a quick look back at our most popular posts from 2022. The year carried through familiar themes—like the continuously disruptive COVID-19—and tossed in surprising developments for reproductive health benefits. While sheer popularity isn’t everything, it sure is interesting to see what captured our readers’ attention. And this list may give hints at what the early days of 2023 may hold.

Here are our top 10 Remark blog posts from 2022.

10. Retirement and a Health Savings Account (HSA)

3 ways to maximize HSAs as a retirement account. A perennial topic, it makes sense that readers continue to explore ways to use an HSA as a savvy retirement planning tool. In 2023, watch for more educational resources to help Americans manage healthcare expenses.

9. Welcome news about the medical mileage rate

IRS announces medical mileage rate increase. It’s a little unusual to see so much attention on a regulatory notice from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). But in a year marked by inflationary pressures and volatility, it shouldn’t be that surprising that readers were hungry for budget relief news.

8. Asking about acronyms

HSA. FSA. HRA. HIA. What do all these even mean? Ah, acronyms. If you work in the benefits administration space, acronyms are part of the territory. Seeing this topic rise to the top reinforces the importance of efforts to help members from all backgrounds understand benefits. Speaking of education, your members can access these webinars on-demand to get easy-to-understand explanations on HSAs, various types of Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs), and more.

7. Incentives for HSA adoption

Create valuable incentives with HSA matching. Benefits packages received significant attention throughout 2022 as employers around the country worked to attract and retain talent. Seeing the popularity of this article rings true—offering an HSA match can be an effective strategy to increase use and satisfaction of an HSA-qualified health plan. If you want more articles on this topic, also read Boost your HSA success with Employer Matching.

6. Reproductive health benefits in the news

Dobbs decision: How HSAs, FSAs, and related benefits support reproductive healthcare. On June 24, 2022, interest in the topic of reproductive health benefits rapidly increased when the United States Supreme Court (SCOTUS) released a decision or ruling in a case called Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health (Dobbs). The article answered many of your questions and linked to a comprehensive resource for reproductive health and family planning. As women’s healthcare remained a top area of focus for benefits administrators, we added a second post on the topic—Top 10 ways HSAs and FSAs support reproductive health and family planning. The topic stayed front and center throughout the summer, prompting HealthEquity to host a webinar: Using workplace benefits to support reproductive health and family planning (follow the link to view the recording).

5. HSAs and FSAs at the dentist

Can I use my HSA or FSA to pay for dental services? This article was popular with our readers. Maybe it’s because dental care—from orthodontia to crowns—isn’t cheap. Or maybe it’s because we could all use a refresher on how HSAs and FSAs can cover dental care. Either way, readers voted this post up with page views and clicks. And while a related post on vision care didn’t make our top 10, your members may want to read about ways to save on frames, contact lenses, eye exams, and more.

4. Triple-tax advantages

The 3 tax advantages of HSAs. Consistently one of the most popular posts on Remark, the article outlines how HSAs can help Americans pay for medical expenses and realize significant tax savings. (The money-saving theme continues…)

3. Support for mental health

It’s Mental Health Awareness Month - Here are 5 ways your HSA can support your mental health. First published in 2021 after the isolation and turmoil of the pandemic, readers continue to visit this post for ways HSAs promote healing and positive mental health outcomes. Mental health and wellbeing benefits are likely to stay top of mind in the new year.

2. Creative ways to maximize HSA benefits

4 ways to ‘work the system’ with an HSA. This article was the second most-read article in 2022. Again, throughout 2022 members searched for ways to be money-smart in a time of rising prices. It’s a safe bet that this trend of members looking for affordability will continue into 2023.

1. FSA reminders

Yes, you need to re-elect your FSA (and other benefits enrollment tips). Here it is! The most read article of 2022. With just a few days left in the year, this is a timely reminder that FSA funds are use-it-or-lose-it. If you need a handy way to remind your people to spend-down their FSA funds before December 31, share this article.

All wrapped up

At a high level, a few themes stand out for 2022. Readers were interested in:

  • Affordability and using benefits to help manage inflation

  • Healthcare coverage—from family planning to dental care

  • How consumer-driven benefits like HSAs and FSAs work to pay for eligible expenses

Will these trends continue into 2023? It’s impossible to predict what the new year will bring, but you can count on Remark to keep you updated on topics that matter to you. Thank you for reading.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year.

HealthEquity does not provide legal, tax, financial, or medical advice. Always consult a professional when making life-changing decisions.

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