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Just launched: ‘What’s New’ page makes it easier to stay in the loop

We’re moving so fast on our feet these days that enhancing the online HealthEquity experience could be considered an Olympic sport. Okay, not really. But we have been rolling out some exciting new updates for you lately, and we wanted to find a way to make it even easier to share these improvements with our community.  

So, here it is. We’re thrilled to announce our newest online page, ‘What’s New,’ designed to highlight all things up-and-coming in one, easy-to-access place. Whether you’re interested in app updates, website changes or health savings account (HSA) improvements, you’ll find it there.

Get a sneak peak at 'What's New'

What’s New is for HealthEquity members and employers alike. Come check it out and be the first to get exciting news and updates, like our new integration with Lyft, our recently improved single point login or our new case study on how Expedia Group (EG) made commuting to work more satisfactory.

Check it out

Give ‘What’s New’ a bookmark if you find it helpful. We look forward to using this new tool to keep you informed, empowered and up to date.



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