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How monsters could use an HSA


It’s Halloween and that means it’s time for our annual “spooky” blog post. Today, we’re going to imagine how certain famous monsters1 could use a health savings account (HSA) to pay for relevant qualified medical expenses.2 



Vampires really only have a few things on their minds: drinking blood and avoiding garlic, sharp wooden stakes and sunlight.

If a vampire was interested in monitoring their blood pressure, they could possibly use their HSA funds to pay for a blood-pressure monitoring device.

If certain conditions are met (for instance, diagnosing, treating or preventing an existing or imminent medical condition), a vampire or human might also be able to use HSA funds to temporarily store blood with a Letter of Medical Necessity. They could also use their HSA funds to pay for medicated sunburn creams, ointments and sunglasses if prescribed by a doctor.



When you morph into a wolf once a month, you’re going to have some medical expenses. For example, a werewolf might be interested in dental sealants when required for medical treatment to protect their teeth and prescribed lice treatment to keep those pests away. HSA funds could pay for both these medical expenses and any vaccines they would need in their human form.  



Where do we start? Zombies, like humans, of course can use HSA funds to pay for first aid kits to treat the nasty wounds they may receive. Zombies could also use their HSA funds to pay for sleep-deprivation treatment. For humans who encounter zombies, our blog post “HSAs for the zombie apocalypse” might prove useful.



Fear not, all you mummies out there, you can use HSA funds to pay for bandages. Unfortunately, HSA funds can’t currently be used to pay for the treatment or prevention of ancient Egyptian curses. We’ll let you know if that ever changes.



With a Letter of Medical Necessity and to treat a specific medical condition, a mermaid or merman could use their HSA funds for hydrotherapy. They could also use their HSA funds to pay for liquid adhesives for small cuts, and if the merperson has been out of the water for too long, they could use HSA funds to pay for rehydration solutions.



If you have any friends or family who are monsters, we hope you will lead them to this blog post. If you are a human and don’t have monster friends but would still like to learn how an HSA can benefit you, please visit


Happy Halloween!


1Monster references are for illustrative purposes only and are not representative of complete, and comprehensive, use of HSA funds. For more detailed information, call our Member Services team at 866.346.5800 every hour of every day. Even on Halloween! Or visit

2It is the members’ responsibility to ensure eligibility requirements as well as if they are eligible for the expenses submitted.

Nothing in this communication is intended as legal, tax, financial, or medical advice. Always consult a professional when making life-changing decisions.


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