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2022 HSA Contribution Limits

Your health savings account (HSA) packs more punch than ever.

The IRS announced higher HSA limits for the 2022 tax year, which means opportunity to save even more. 

2022 maximum HSA contributions

$3,650 Individual

$7,300 Family

$1,000 Catch-up contributions (55 and older)

Take a moment to confirm that you're on pace for your 2021 targets, too. The more you contribute, the faster you can accelerate long-term health savings.

The IRS also announced 2022 HSA-qualified health plan limits.

2022 high-deductible health plan limits

Maximum out-of-pocket expenses

$7,050 Individual

$14,100 Family


Minimum deductible

$1,400 Individual

$2,800 Family



Discover why HSAs are the new retirement strategy.


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